Erostek in Europe
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ErosTek is a small company partnered with SexTek to provide the best erotic e-stim products available. ErosTek was the first to introduce digital erotic e-stim technology in early 1999. They went on to develop additional products and have become the world leader.
They're made up of individuals with extensive experience in both erotic e-stim and advanced hardware and software engineering. They don't want to be the biggest player out there, but their mission is to offer the best stimulation units available anywhere at a reasonable price. Ask around, we think you'll hear good things.
They've focused their efforts exclusively on developing high-end power units because that's where we found the most room for improvement. E-stim starts with the power source and we've created an entirely new genre of products. There are several manufactures making excellent erotic accessories, but their stimulation units often lack sufficient power, variety and other desirable features. ErosTek has solved these shortcomings.
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