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Looking for a less expensive way to experience legendary Eros Tek stimulation?  You've found it!  The new ET-232 offers many of our most popular features in a small, handheld, easy to use product.
ET-232 features:
15 Stimulation Modes including such Eros Tek favorites as Waves, Intense, Stroke, Audio, Climb, Throb and more.
  A new special Hi Frequency mode designed for low-level erotic stimulation
  A built-in microphone with many creative erotic and BDSM applications
  An audio input--connect a portable CD player, MP3 Player, etc and stim to music!
  Ease of use--there are only 4 simple controls
  Portable handheld design--less than 4.5" x 3.5"--makes it easy to take with you wherever you go
  Our exclusive Link interface to allow connection to future versions of our ErosLink computer software (software not yet available) and firmware upgrades
  Eros Tek's exclusive MultiAdjust control allowing you to easily fine tune modes to your liking with a single control
  Dual isolated outputs with symmetrical balanced bipolar waveforms
  Comes with an AC Adapter and 9 volt battery allowing both portability and saving money on batteries when you're using it at home
Frequently Asked ET-232 Questions:
Q: How much power does it have?
Q: How does the 232 differ from your other products?
A: The 232 is similar in many ways to our 301/302R remote products but designed for easier use for those who don't need remote control. It has a similar power output, similar audio processing, etc. The ET-312 offers many more features such as TriPhase, advanced stereo audio processing, wave processing, LCD display, user defined slow ramp, much longer battery life, a rechargeable battery, higher power, higher frequency and much more.
A: The ET-232 has similar power to our remote units which is slightly lower than our larger ET-312 but still more intensity than TENS and most competing units.
ET-232 Portable Stim Unit!