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ErosLink Software Package
What is ErosLink?
ErosLink is a companion product to the ET-312 stimulation unit. They'll be releasing a version that supports the ET-301R and ET-232 as well . With the ErosLink software and cable package you can:
Add new pre-defined stimulation routines to your ET-312 Interact with your ET-312 in new ways with new levels of control Design your own routines from scratch  Trade routines with friends and download new routines from forums including
ErosLink offers both interactive control of the ET-312 while it's connected to your computer, and also the ability to download routines into the ET-312. These routines are retained even after you turn your ET-312 off and disconnect it.  This allows the new routines to be enjoyed anywhere you like without being tied to your PC.
ErosLink makes your ET-312 obsolescence proof and future versions will offer even more capabilities. For example, we hope to offer remote control over the internet giving new meaning to the word "cybersex!"
The ErosLink software on CD Special ErosLink serial cable 12 exciting new ET-312 routines  96 more routines at no charge!  Easy getting started instructions Detailed User Guide (on the CD)
ErosLink Software Package Requirements
You need an ErosTek ET-312 and a Windows PC or Apple Mac running OS X that meets the following requirements:
An available serial port (COM1 - COM5) with a DB-9 connector OR a properly installed UC232A USB to Serial adapter* and an available USB port
   Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP or Vista.
Note: Windows 95 and NT will not work with USB and require an available COM port.

Apple Mac: OS X PowerPC and Intel Macs are supported.
   At least 50mb of available hard disk space, a 133mhz processor and as much memory as is required by your operating system (at least 16mb)
  At least SVGA (800 x 600) video resolution and a CD-ROM drive
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